The Answers You Need

Where can i purchase the Holistic Materials?

As of now, all of the Holistic Materials such as candles, sage and crystals are sold during in- person selling events. For updates on when and where those are click on the Events Tab at the top.

How do I order a custom Crystal Waistbead?

You can email us @itshertime1010@gmail.com with the chakra you want the beads to focus on(if applicable), A color scheme (if no chakra preference), 3 crystals you want incorporated into the work and your exact waist measurement (you can look up how to measure your waist for waist beads)! After we receive your email, look out for a confirmation email and we will update you on the progress of your order through email.

What if I need a refund or exchange?

All Sales are FINAL.
*If your order was a custom piece of jewelry, such as a ring or waist bead that needs adjustments you can email us @itshertimetarot@gmail.com with your name, order ID & date, item you want to return and reason within 3 days of receiving your product for resizing.

Any Candle Safety Tips..?

*Never leave your candles unattended. if you start to feel tired while burning your candle, extinguish the flame using a snuffer, blowing it out or using the lid. Prevent House Fires!

*Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting your candle. 

*If your candle begins to smoke or the flame gets too high, cautiously blow it out and trim the wick to the 1/4inch height and removing any wick debris from the wax contents!

*Do Not Burn your candle to the bottom, extinguish the flame when the liquified wax is at 1/2 inch to the bottom and dispose appropriately ( See FAQ How Do I recycle my candle jar, tin?).

*** In Case of a Candle Fire, DO NOT USE WATER, keep baking soda, flour or your fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies. 

How can i recycle my Holistic Essentials and Rituals candle jar or tin?

*Scoop out the bottom wax and wick stick, fill the container with your favorite stock of herbs, crystals, paper clips or anything you want!  

*Write affirmations and store them in your container, read them daily or whenever you need a reminder of your greatness!

*Recycle in your community!

How do I book a tarot reading?

On the main page, under Book With Natrully Jazmin, you have a choice of readings to choose from! 20 Minute Readings WITH Clarification for $22 , 5- Card Tarot Readings Without Clarification for $11 and 1-Card Tarot Readings at $5. Once you choose one, click Book Now and select a time available. 

Cancellation Policy

* When canceling a tarot reading, it must be done 24 Hours prior to the selected time slot. *