About Natrully Jazmin

How We Got Here

I am a Baltimore based empath and light worker. I started my journey from a place of hurt and pain that I didn't realize, at the time, I needed to go through to become who I am! (A Dark Night of The Soul, if you will) It can be hard to get through the day when you can't see the good and gratitude in your life, no matter how big or small! We are all connected and reflections of each other. By that I mean the way you feel about yourself is shown through your actions and inactions and in return the world responds to what you project. 

Self care and self healing is a very important journey to me. I started mine through instilling positive affirmations, healing frequencies, meditation, sage and tarot readings. As I found a connection with myself I thought I lost ( really never had to this degree),  I found myself connecting more with the world in general. I constantly receive synchronicities from the universe confirming my love and natural ability to provide light, encouragement and motivation to others! I hope the holistic essentials available in my shop and messages presented by my guides resonate with you and your inner knowing! 

"By being more positive you don't lose you learn. Give love to the world by having compassion for yourself first."

Building Positive Energy Exchanges 🧡